Welcome to the era of caring technology!

At Ellipse Synergie, kindness guides all of our actions and is part of the DNA of all our products. With this value that drives us, we create technological tools that bring concrete positive changes in people's lives. Together, we can change the world.

At Ellipse Synergie, we are all concerned with making a positive impact on society. Our approach is to develop effective web solutions that integrate technology that is innovative and useful for everyone. These unique solutions are intended for the education, health, and business sectors.

Our underlying motivation is supported by this idea: "Doing good and changing the world is only utopian for those who do not".

That's why we work every day to embody this desire by growing a sustainable synergy with all our partners and always looking for passionate people with whom to share it.

Louis-Raphaël Tremblay
President and Founder, Ellipse Synergie

ISA_ technology in your organization

Our assisted support system is the heart of our business. It adds a depth of analysis to all our products that enables prompt understanding of the contexts of life.

The technology is adapted for help and support.

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